Standard Services

Full Service Oil Change
with 17 Point Inspection

*Includes up to 5 quarts of oil

1.)   Oil Change
2.)   Change Oil Filter
3.)   Check / Clean Air Filter
4.)   Check and Properly Inflate Tires
5.)   Fill Windshield Washer Fluid
6.)   Check Brake Fluid
7.)   Check Power Steering Fluid
8.)   Check Transmission Fluid
9.)   Check Differential Fluid
10.) Check Coolant Level and Freezing Temp
11.)  Test Battery
12.)  Check Wiper Blades
13.)  Check All Belts
14.)  Check All Hoses
15.)  Check All Lights
16.)  Differential Check
17.)  Lube Points (If applicable)

Coolant Flush
$79.99 + Coolant

1.)   System Drain & Flush
2.)   Install New Coolant
3.)   System Check
4.)   Proper Disposal of Used Coolant

Diagnostics Code, Battery, Starter, or Charging System Check
(Check Engine Light)

1.)   Read Trouble Codes & Check the Systems
2.)   Suggest Proper Repair and Quote

Standard Oil Change

*Includes up to 5 quarts of oil

1.)   Oil Change
2.)   Change Oil Filter
3.)   Check Air Filter
4.)   Fill Windshield Washer Fluid
5.)  Check Wiper Blades
6.)  Check All Lights



Tire Rotation
$16.99 ($29.99 with tire balancing)

1.)   Check and Properly Inflate Tires
2.)   Rotate All Tires for Wear
3.)   Balance All Tires*

Battery, Starter, & Charging System Check

1.)   Test Complete Starting & Charging System
2.)   Suggest Proper Repair and Quote


In addition to the above services, we can perform the following services with an appointment:


- Brake Service
- Air Filter Replacement
- Light Bulb Replacement
- Windshield Wiper Replacement
- Transmission Service
- Tune-ups
- Injector Replacement
- Exhaust Repair
- Radiators
- Shocks & Struts
- Water Pumps
- Starters
- Bolt-on Part Replacement
- And More! 

Call or stop by for a no-hassle estimate or to schedule an appointment! 

The Lube Connection is dedicated to protecting the envrironment by recycling used motor oil, recycling used oil filters, ensuring all floor drains and storm water are filtered through our state-of-the-art oil/ water separation system, and properly and responsibly disposing of all other waste through the correct channels. At The Lube Connection, you will never be charged an "environmental fee" or "oil disposal fee", its just what we do.